Security Equipments

To avoid any faults in security services, we at Foxfleet provides a number of advanced security equipments. Similarly any good security guard will have the equipment required to protect not only themselves but the property they are assigned to. These help in meeting the level of protection required and to tackle all kinds of threats to life and property at homes, offices, public places such as hospitals, markets, malls, hotels, restaurants, parking, etc.


  • CCTV Camera– we offer a competitive range of CCTV Camera, which are designed to watch live video by using WAN, LAN and Internet. These cameras are ideal to keep a track of locations, employees, entry ways, and other areas and our products are highly accepted for their unmatched security related features. We offer them for monitoring areas and security purpose.

  • Bio Matrix– We provides Bio Metrix, which are used for fingerprints reading and these products are available at most competitive prices. Our products are designed for industrial and commercial sectors and this matrix consists of Time Attendance Software as well as Proximity Card Readers. These products are appreciated for high performance and available as per requirements.


  • Walkie Talkie– We offers a qualitative range of Walkie Talkie, which is designed for the communication between security staff/workers/ law enforcement officer’s team. Walkie Talkie is also suitable for the execution of floor to floor checks as well as transporting money. This is also known as two way radio transceiver and is widely acknowledged for their high efficiency. We offer these products with advanced technology to our clients.


  • Flashlight– A flashlight is one of the most important pieces of equipment that a security guard can carry. Even if you are assigned to a day job where a flashlight may not seem necessary, it’s still important to be equipped with one because certain scenarios may require some extra light to help you see, and you never want to go into a dark location without one. Furthermore, a flashlight can be used for protection. Many flashlights that security officers carry are heavy duty, long metal flashlights that could potentially be used as a striking device. Most security officers (and police officers too!) carry a flashlight because of their durability, bright light, and solidness.


  • Security Guard Baton– Security guard batons are another important piece of equipment that security guards use to protect themselves. More importantly, however, they are a weapon that can keep a property safe without even being used. Just the fact that you have one in your belt that people can see will usually be enough to make sure things stay calm. People know that if you were to pull this weapon out, it could definitely do some damage.


In most states, however, you will be required to complete a training course specialized for handling a baton before you can legally carry one while on duty. Some companies may require that you complete this training before you are hired.