Security Guards

Industrial Security Services- We know the vulnerability of assets and facilities at industrial sites, construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing and plant unit, distribution centers etc. A minute lapse in the security steps at the site may cause a sizeable loss on the pocket of the company. Foxfleet security aims to provide a hassle free working environment by deploying well trained, well informed and well equipped security guards. The major challenge of security faced by industry is due to the large number of goods or assets with the vast amount of space. Our expert security guards will troubleshoot all the industrial safety risks such as theft, counterfeiting, sabotage, vandalism, pilferage, unauthorized access to the site, unauthorized takeaways.

Commercial Security Services- Every commercial building has a unique safety requirement. We understand the customer safety needs and provide customized safety services. Be it commercial building, hotels, malls, complexes, offices, ATMs or retail shops we have set standards of safety services. Our security guards meet both armed and unarmed safety standards and have a high level of alertness and vigilance to avoid any security risk in or at the premises.

Today’s world witnesses a high amount of threat in terms of theft, vandalism, crimes occurring in parking lots, unauthorized entry etc. Hence there is an inevitable need of the strict security system. We have a proven track record of providing best security services by understanding customers need and guiding them in implementing the safety precautions. Our security guards are very proactive and act promptly if any situation arises. We have best security men who possess skills of risk assessment and pacify the same.

Residential Security services- Make sure your family lives in a safe and secure environment. No one can put their families at risk. The living environment should be fearless. For the purpose of providing full-fledged security services, we have put great efforts and tried to become one of the best security services provider company. We have a proven record of being reliable, vigilant, and responsible for providing residential security services. Residents of a residential complex expect the highest standards of safety and security in terms of personal security, no theft, Kids and women-friendly environment, etc. “Foxfleet security can give protection services to watch upon throughout the day and night. Crisis never comes with an alarm. Anything can happen anywhere, anytime. When the lady of the house is in the kitchen or kids playing in residential vicinity they all require a safe and secure territory. With the help of vigilant security guards, many unwanted incidents or mis happenings can be avoided. We provide the best security services in less than no time.

For the purpose of continuous monitoring in the vicinity, we design and install monitoring devices. We adopt a comprehensive approach for selecting, training and deploying guards at your place.