Event Bouncers Service

We offer Event Bouncers Service to serve your events smoothly. Our Event Security Services are available to secure your events in all regions of India. Our trained and disciplined event bouncers are capable to secure your important events across the nation. We are expert security service provider company in India, offering event bouncer service for handling all kind of events. At Foxfleet our motto is “Your safety first”. This is why, we hire only smart, focused, physically and mentally fit bouncers to maintain the standard of security services.

Best Event Security Services

Any event conducted on a large scale would require the assistance of event bouncers to keep the plan as per order. Event security has evolved over the years with improvement in physical security protocols combined with technological advances. Our Event Security teams come fully equipped with trained, skilled and licensed event bouncers recognized as among the best event security services in India. We provide event bouncers service, who are well-trained for their said job profile and whose conduct we vouch for. We have a proven track record of managing many types of events ranging from weddings to large-scale concerts and exhibitions.

Customized Event Bouncers Service

We put up special security arrangements for your events. Our trained event bouncers ensure security at the main door, gate, receptions, etc. We also train them in the activity of guest escorting. Special security arrangements are made for events held by corporate companies, schools & colleges, etc. We also provide well-trained professionals at events such as flag hoisting events, musical shows, seminars, award nights, sports events, etc. We provide customized event bouncers service in the form of security guards, bouncers and personal bodyguards.

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Be it a large company hosting a big meeting or get-together or a corporate sector hosting an award function, we are available to serve you! We know that these events are held at places that are away from your known zone and therefore, it has its own requirements and challenges. We provide you with the best solutions for logistics and ideas on how the event could have the least glitches with the right amount of security at the right places within the premise. We also have a contingency plan which could be used in case something goes awry in the event. Our event bouncers are well-equipped for it and our special event security services are in perfect condition to catch even a slight setback in the event.

We take pride in securing many top sports events, corporate events and inaugural events. Known as a leading event bouncers service provider in India, we were also called upon to secure many prominent Bollywood celebrities as well as to ensure security at VIP events.