Gunman Security Service

Foxfleet securities provide the best Gunman Security Service in Ahmedabad and all parts of India. Our Gunmen are fully trained, licensed and capable to provide high level security to protect people and other establishments such as Banks, Properties, Industries and many more. They are trained to handle different unwanted and emergency situations to protect client and their important assets.

  •  Our Gunman’s responsibility BEFORE an incident/offense has occurred is PREVENTION.
  •  Our Gunman’s responsibility after an incident/offense is to REPORT.

Responsibility of Our Gunman

Primary responsibility of our Gunman security service is to perform as a countermeasure to deter, detect, delay, deny, and devalue threats to Client’s property, as well as to assist in ensuring the safety of employees and visitors while at client’s facilities. The six basic functions of a Gunman are:

  • Access Control
  • Screening
  • Visitor Processing
  • Patrol and Response
  • Control Center Operations like fire safety and other safety processes
  • Common Tasks related to security

Characteristics of Gunman Security Service

Gunmen spend majority of their time interacting and communicating with the public to ensure proper protocols are followed to minimize threat and maximize security for all occupants in the client’s facility. Interaction and communication with the public are tasks categorized as high importance, high frequency tasks.

Our Gunman’s appearance in duty uniform, as well as issued equipment, is clean and neat in order to present a professional appearance and to identify the Gunman as the first line of response from an authorized and responsible security workforce.

Contact us for Best Gunman Security Service

We provide Gunman security services to Banks, Jewellery shops, financial institutions or any client who require armed security services to protect people or assets. Our top management has wide experience in the security industry. Having worked with top corporate firms, we know in and out of the industry and have the expertise to offer any kind of security service to clients.

We understand the needs of our clients very well and offer customized security services to the satisfaction of our clients. Your safety and security are of utmost importance to us. So we ensure trained and disciplined security personnel are at your service.

Our Gunman security Service is available 24 x 7 to ensure your security and safety.