Security Guard Services

We are one of the best security guard services company. We are offering all type of security services in Ahmedabad, India. We fulfil the much-needed requirement of securing your trust. Our professional security experts are not only trained and disciplined but they are motivated to perform their task with full commitment and ethics. Foxfleet Security, one of the leading security guard services company offers the best security guard services to all customers.

Best Security Services in India

Committed to provide remarkable services, our all key positions are managed by security experts. We conduct regular training programs to cover all much-needed requirements of industrial as well as commercial security guard services. We believe maintaining a disciplined culture where supervision of all the involved personals are possible from top to the grass root levels. Our teams of highly skilled operation managers are responsible to increase the efficiency of each and every individual through daily briefings and comparing their performances.

Industrial Security Guard Services

We know the valuation of assets at manufacturing plant, industrial sites, construction sites, distribution centers, warehouses etc. A security lapse at these sites may cause serious financial and technical loss of the company because it needs security cover for a large number of goods, material and assets. Our best industrial security guard services provide well trained, well equipped and well informed security guards, which are able to provide hassle-free working environment by securing your valuable sites. They are capable to troubleshoot all security risks such as theft, sabotage, counterfeiting, vandalism, unauthorized takeaways and access to the site.

Commercial Security Guard Services

Every commercial establishment needs safe environment. We have heard many times about vandalism, theft, unauthorized entry and crimes occur in commercial buildings. Hence every commercial establishment needs a strict security system. Foxfleet understands the importance of customer safety and offers our unique commercial safety services. We have a customized set of safety services for each commercial establishment. Be it malls, offices, building, ATMs, hotels or any other commercial complex, we have special commercial security guard services for all. Our proven track record of best security services is enough to explain how we guide our customers to implement advanced safety precautions after understanding their requirements. Our commercial security guards are able to provide both unarmed and armed security services with high strength and alertness to prevent any security risk in the premises.

Residential Security Guard services

Everyone wants to give safe and secure environment to his family. No one wants to put his family in the environment of fear or risk. For to fulfil this purpose, we have introduced our residential security guard services and offer responsible, reliable and vigilant security guards for the safety of residents, because residential complexes need high standards of security and safety to create a women-kids friendly environment and no theft at their premises. Anything can happen anytime, we know that problems never come with a warning. But you can avoid many unwanted incidents by appointing vigilant security guard service from Foxfleet. Only we can give continue day-night safety and monitoring services to residents. Our selective resident guards are well trained to handle protection services at your place.

We are one of the best security guard service providers in Ahmedabad, India. Our experienced and dedicated security workforce is always ready to provide quality service as per your requirement.