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How to Hire a Personal Bodyguard?


A bodyguard is a basis for personal security. Personal Security comes in the form of security personnel, guard, and dogs. Considering dogs are not favored by all, so, they hire a personal bodyguard to protect themselves.

Selecting a private bodyguard is not as straightforward as it may seem. Depending on the individual you are, one requires to determine what kind of security he or she wants. For example, executive protection is for politicians, corporate executives. The talent protection category is for the security of actors, sports personalities, etc. Another group of professional bodyguards keeps a visibly low profile not to attract attention.

If you are particularly famous, you may need to have a bodyguard. This does not mean that you will always need to have a bodyguard, but if you are going to public places where a large number of people will be present, then you should get in touch with the bodyguard for service.

A vital point before you hire a personal bodyguard is to check for his private security license. Before hiring you should be aware of all the required licenses. Check for their originality and validity. These licenses have inscribed on them something like a Personal Protection Officer (PPO). Though these licenses can be easily acquired with little training, so, relying wholly on such papers would be rather insufficient. Check for certifications, which truly identify his potential as to what degree of talent he holds.

You need to ask for his valid ID proof, his driving license, citizenship proof, etc. and keeping a copy of them would be a smart choice. Conducting a criminal check on the web is important. You should be well aware that you are not hiring a criminal. Instead of believing in whatever he says, ask for his specific skills and their demonstrations if possible. His actions during walking, talking, eating should be known. He should be excellent with driving skills having specialized training for defense. He should be good in protection with and without arms.

One should be fully sure of his bodyguard not being judgemental and also of not disclosing your private information to anyone. Getting him to sign a non-disclosure agreement would be useful. You could ask him about the big names for which he had worked. Which could be verified by contacting them? If he starts spitting out personal stuff about the person, then it would be a violation of the agreement. Ask him why he stopped working for his past employer.

Finally, check for his body posture, qualities like confidence, strength, patience, endurance. His abilities on how he reacts to a particular situation, how calmly he handles it.

Check portfolio
Ask your applicant about any major figure he has worked with in the past and why he has stopped working with that employer. (You can call previous employers over the phone for confirmation.) If an applicant has a proven record of achievement with previous employers, chances are high that he would make a very good bodyguard.

Conduct criminal investigation
Search the web for any criminal record. You can also pay for a simple criminal history check. This is to confirm that you are not hiring a criminal as a bodyguard.

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